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The House Whisperer

My three-step house whispering process

is a game-changer. 

Edit | Set | Style

Edit - Let's declutter! Together we make decisions regarding removing, recycling and repurposing. I believe less is more, but having said that, I work within your boundaries.

Set - Introduction of organisational systems and storage solutions.

Style - The House Whisperer Co magic happens here. Your refreshed, styled space will truly rise up to greet you!


Allow me to transform your:​​


butlers/pantry, cupboards, drawers, fridge, work surfaces


upper & lower storage, cosmetics, first aid, linen


wardrobes, drawer units, clothing, shoes & accessories

Children's spaces

toys, clothes, books, keepsakes & baby equipment

Living areas

bookshelves, sideboards, entertainment units


cleaning agents, cleaning equipment, linen

Home office / Study / Workplace

desks & work surfaces, equipment/tools, supplies, books, bookshelves 

Garage / Storage

sports/camping equipment, tools, Christmas decorations, garden items, excess household items


various options available

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